Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gov. Christie Is The Same A-hole Who Stopped Jersey's Med MJ Law Right After Passage!

Across the country, Republican governors are slashing core priorities like education, while acting like they are above making sacrifices of their own.
Every day brings a story even more shocking and unbelievable than the last. You and I both knew that this was how Republican governors would act once they got into office, and I have a bad feeling we’re just seeing the beginning of their broken promises and extremist actions.
With so much going on, I wanted to make sure you were up to speed on the latest developments.


Thousands of dollars for a state-funded helicopter joyrideIt’s unbelievable. While Chris Christie – New Jersey’s radical Republican governor – has been slashing funds for education and Medicaid, he has been racking up thousands of dollars for a state-funded helicopter joyride to his son’s baseball game and a political dinner. What’s worse, Gov. Christie tried to stick taxpayers with the bill. According to New Jersey’s The Record:
“There is no fiscally defensible reason for using a state helicopter to attend a child's ballgame. Even if the state were flush with cash, which it certainly is not, [Gov. Christie’s helicopter joyrides are] a prime example of government waste.”
Gov. Christie is now desperately trying to repair his shattered image, but we’ve seen enough to know what he really is: a hypocrite.


GOP governors face plummeting poll numbersIt’s a race to the bottom! While Gov. Christie is busy wasting taxpayer dollars on his personal helicopter joyrides, other Republican governors across the country are busy diving deeper into a radical agenda that isn’t sitting well with… anyone. In fact, voters are waking up and feeling greater and greater buyers’ remorse for the Republicans they sent to office. Florida Governor Rick Scott is the least popular governor in the country – with just 29% of Florida voters approving of the job he’s doing in office. Gov. John Kasich is not far behind, earning a dismal 33% approval rating from Ohioans. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker isn’t doing much better, with the latest polls showing that, were the election held today, Gov. Walker would lose by a full seven points.
Maybe Republican governors thought they’d be able to get away with their extreme agenda – but the Democratic Governors Association is holding them accountable and ending these egregious abuses once and for all. But we need your help: we have a major fundraising deadline on June 30, and we still need to raise $50,000.
You have always been a strong ally, and I know I can count on you today.

Colm O'Comartun
Executive Director
Democratic Governors Association

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