Saturday, July 14, 2012

The President and Re-election

   It would look to the average reader that President Obama should make mincemeat of Paul Romney or whatever Palin-esque sham they have come up for a candidate.....

   However, President Obama has caused some MAJOR PROBLEMS for himself regarding his easy re-electability.

   I will spell it out for you---


  CANDIDATE OBAMA was the "Progressive brother" when he needed the FREAK vote (read cannabis vote, and we are now REALLY VERY ORGANIZED) especially in California.  We have crucial electoral votes he must have to win.

   He has gone back on his word to the medical marijuana community.  He has resumed Republican-started anti-cannabis prohibition, busts and actively obstructing groups from following State laws and local laws regarding medical cannabis administration.  He has sucked ass on this!  He has made many powerful enemies on this and is actively losing support.  There are many in the weed community who now wish Hillary had won.  My God, man, have some balls and stand up for your brothers and sisters who go to jail for nothing, motherfucker, Mr. President.

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