Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Barack

I called the President today. We had a nice 20 minute conversation. Glad he was able to take
my call. Respect. I had a litany of complaints for him.

And a few kudos.

I did it publicly on a cellphone in a public park. Some people may have overheard some

of it, because at times I had to shout at him. But we are cool.

I still believe in him. But, I pulled no punches about the things I feel

he has majorly goofed on (using the "g" word to substitute for what I really said...)

and wtf was he Thinking?

We both had a good laugh when I mentioned that the Repugnicans, after the pigs shamelessly

(because they are not BURDENED with a conscience..) heinously clusterfucked and

gang-raped lady liberty for most of my adult life, with the near-completed attempted

fascist coup of "NINE ELEVEN," starting two unprovoked wars just in the last few years,

etc., etc., etc ad nauseum, now are pointing a crooked finger at him and crying "Socialist!"

ha haha hahahah hhahahaha ahahahahaha ahahahahahah ahahaahahaha! WFLOAO!

I said, "Sir, if ONLY you were a socialist, or better yet, a dyed-in-the-wool Communist!

Not only would the USA finally become a free country---- at long last....but I would be tempted

to come to Washington and kiss you on the mouth!"

All, in all, it was a pleasant conversation. I strongly suggested a national holiday for

Malcolm X. Lots of conversation about the direction of the Space Program.

Next call, I will have my notes ready, so as to be less rambling, b/c I know

he is very busy. And he knows I am too.

Got hope?

gimme some!

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