Tuesday, May 4, 2010

President Obama Lets Fly The "B-Word!"

Shortly after a press conference by Repugnican Mitch McConnell ( a left-over former high-ranking fascist in the Bush-Cheney-Rice junta), wherein McConnell disparaged everything that President Obama has ever said, done, mentioned or supported, Mr. Obama issued a brief statement.

"My former Senate colleague, from the state of Kentucky, is a fowl-mouthed liar who prides himself on that fact. He wishes to return the United States to the days of slavery for blacks, browns, reds yellows---you get the picture. He is a plutocrat. He has been rabidly against every positive, progressive change that has occurred in the last 50 years. You check his voting record for yourself.

I speak for many in Washington, when I say, McConnell, you bee-yotch, we wish you'd return to cruising for closet gays in Cherokee Park near Hogan's fountain in Louisville, KY, like you used to, and get the hell out of Washington DC!"
The President was visibly angry.

When the Capital press started blowing smoke up Fox News' passageways about this, the Fox propagandists asked the president if he would be stepping down, for saying the so-called "B-word" on live television. President Obama replied, "I stand by my comment, turkey, and by the way, I hate it when you ask me things that I have already answered! From now on, don't any of you ask me me twice about something I have already elucidated," and he turned deftly and quickly left the room.

A quick perusal of internet research seems to show that Pres. Obama is the first president in office to have said the "B -word," and not been ashamed. Bully for Obama!

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