Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boxer Doing Well, Diane F*(&3) in the head!

Dog Days For Diane

It has simply been painfully farcical to observe Sen. Feinstein's votes (she, the self-proclaimed

"LIBERAL," Ha! Citizens, I beseech you, look at her voting record on vital and progressive

bills---look at what bills she wrote or co-sponsored. I, for one am sick and tired of hearing HER

at ALL, or seeing that wicked gnarly facies....and/or her touting her record in San Fran and

how "liberal" she WAS! "Was" is the keyword here!

When did the blowhards of the "Grand OLD Party" buy Diane off? My best hypothesis is that

she was a "mole" from the beginning, even at San Fran, and her true mission was to screw over

the common man/woman, (this is the mission of the entire GOP) and God did she! The

repugnicunts have had Diane in their slimy pocket for a long, long time.

It is time we get this harpy out of office!

I suggested Barbara Lee of Oakland to the Democratic Party--she would do a good job and

cares for the poor and middle class. She is strongly anti-war and would pressure Obama to end

the 2 wars we (America) started. She would be ideal, because she is a proud liberal who

ACTUALLY VOTES THAT WAY! (Like Bobby and Ted Kennedy did.)

Come on people now, elect Barbara Lee as Senator of California!

Or if she won't do it---( I HAVE suggested this to her staff before!)----then some other very liberal person, like Matt Gonzales--anyone fairer and much more liberal than D. Feinstein!

In Sacramento, the Bay Area, and LA, we are blessed with plethoras of LIBERAL folk.

Save California, Save the USA, Save the world---replace Diane with a true liberal who reflects OUR values/opinions.

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