Monday, October 4, 2010

Pot Still An Infraction In California!

Well, it has been worse.......possession of a marijuana roach in past decades got you serious

prison time (just ask Tim Leary).........well, finally governor Schwarzennegger signed S B 1449,

which just changed California cannabis punishment. It is NO LONGER A MISDEMEANOR TO

POSSESS LESS THAN ONE OUNCE OF marijuana! I did see a few blue monkeys flying

yesterday, come to think of it.

However, the bad news is, it (possession of a plant material as described above) is still sort

of a crime---if noted by a police officer, you can be given a $100 fine and an "infraction." The

least bad part of this is that you will not have to have a trial, deal with attorneys, DA's who

want a conviction (any conviction on as many charges as can be piled on) or end up with any

police record.

Yet, from my "less than ecstatic attitude" so far, you can guess I am nonplussed. I was told

apparently erroneously, when I MOVED to California in 1991, that this was ALREADY the law

(infraction + $100 fine)--obviously someone lied to me. I am glad there is now less penalty, but

am DAMN ANGRY that it took seventy-four years (74 goddamn years of civil persecution,

jailing, ruining of lives/families/reputations, and intense suffering!! Goddamn, goddamn!) to

remedy this horrific miscarriage of "justice!" Fuck!

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