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My Thoughts On WikiLeaks’ Cable Mentioning UFOs Released

I present the article in its entirity first, and my comments and thoughts are at the footer.  Andre

WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean

Posted by EU Times on Dec 13th, 2010 // 127 Comments

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January 12, 2011: First WikiLeaks’ Cable Mentioning UFOs Released

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by Russian Space Forces (VKS) 45th Division of Space Control says that an upcoming WikiLeaks release of secret US cables details that the Americans have been “engaged” since 2004 in a “war” against UFO’s based on or near the Continent of Antarctica, particularly the Southern Ocean.

According to this report, the United States went to its highest alert level on June 10, 2004 after a massive fleet of UFO’s “suddenly emerged” from the Southern Ocean and approached Guadalajara, Mexico barely 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the American border. Prior to reaching the US border, however, this massive UFO fleet is said in this report to have “dimensionally returned” to their Southern Ocean “home base”.

The fears of the Americans regarding these Southern Ocean UFO’s began, this report says, during the unprecedented events of July 11, 1991 (referred to as 7/11) when during the Solar Eclipse these mysterious aircraft appeared by the hundreds over nearly all of Mexico, even their Capital city. Most notable about the events of 7/11 were that as millions of Mexicans were watching on their televisions the National broadcasts of these UFO’s over Mexico City, the American media refused to allow their people to view it.

Since 2004, this report continues, fleets of Southern Ocean UFO’s have continued to emerge from their bases, with the latest such event being this Friday past when another of their massive fleets was sighted over the South American Nation of Chile.

The “immediate danger” to our World when these massive UFO fleets emerge from the Southern Ocean, this report warns, are the massive waves caused by their sudden eruption from what are believed to be their underwater base, or bases. In the past week alone, the Clelia II, an Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people onboard, was nearly capsized when hit by waves generated by these UFO’s emerging from the Southern Ocean, and just today the Number One Insung has been reported sunk with only 20 of its 42 member crew said saved due to the same cause.

Interesting to note in this report is its confirming our October 14th report US Shuts Down New York City Airspace Over UFO ‘Threat’ that these same Southern Ocean UFO’s were responsible for the closing of the airspace over New York City this past fall (October 13th) when they “appeared” openly and were witnessed by tens of thousands of people, and which, coincidentally, occurred during the same time frame as the mysterious Crystal Skulls of the ancient South American peoples were being exhibited there too.

Even more interesting to note is that the mysterious earthquakes being reported in the Gulf of Aden (where another “extraterrestrial” event is currently ongoing and we had reported on in our December 1st report Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe) are now being reported occurring in the Southern Ocean too.

This report goes on to state that after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned last week that he would begin releasing secret US cables relating to these Southern Ocean UFO’s, and the Americans “war” against them, he was immediately arrested by British Police on trumped up charges issued by the Swedish government which in our December 8th report, Global Rebellion Erupts After “Unprotected Sex Meets Disrobed Governments”, we noted were engineered against him as a “classic” CIA “Honey Trap”.

Note: Since our last report on the EU-US frame-up of Assange it is now being reported that one of his two accusers, Anna Ardin, has fled Sweden and is now in hiding in the Palestinian territories.

To if Assange, or his WikiLeaks website, will survive to see the whole release of these Southern Ocean UFO files it is not to our knowing, nor does this report say.

What is in our knowing, however, and when coupled with the information we reported on in our December 10th report Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth, suggests that the timing of these events, as we near the December 20/21 Total Lunar Eclipse, and as Mercury turns retrograde and joins Mars as it forms a conjunction with Pluto, that the ending of this year, 2010, truly marks the ending of this age as prophesied by the ancients.

In the Sorcha Faal’s seminal work published in 2007, Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors, she notes that in these “last days” the “guideposts” to what the future will hold for humanity does, indeed, rest hidden to the discerning reader in the words handed down to us by the ancients, none being more important in this case than those of Nostradamus, who in writing of this coming Lunar Eclipse and feared conjunctions warned:

“The arms to fight in the sky a long time,

The tree in the middle of the city fallen:

Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,

Then the Monarch of Adria fallen.” Quatrain 3:11

Most ominously for our World today, “the tree in the middle of the city” has, indeed, “fallen” with news from Glastonbury that the 2,000-year-old Holy Thorn Tree, one of Christianities oldest and most revered symbols, has been cut down by vandals. With the great tree now “fallen”, the battle for this Earth now moves to the “sky” until the “Monarch of Adria” (Pope Benedict XVI) has “fallen” too.

Dr. Andre Lange's Commentary
First of all, it is a well-written article.  And, some of what is presented in the leaked US documents about the UFO's (ships) is ABSOLUTE FACT, verified by thousands of people, maybe millions by now, all over the planet.  Part of it rings of slight misinformation to my ears, and is very akin to certain FICTION written by Clive somebody a few years ago.....but as often, with writing, it "comes to you" out of the Ether (oh, Lynn pass me the ether-soaked towel, thanks)---so, is it "life imitating art," or art being prescient to "coming events?"  But I don't know for certain if some of it is misinfomation or truth.  I will give examples.

     The events of July 7th, 1991 for example are undisputed fact, witnessed by thousands of people from all walks of life.  Not just carneys, and trailer park chicks and hoboes!  Yay!  No seriously, hundreds of people videoed the spacecraft fleet on their camcorders, telephones, cameras, etc!! Find it on YouTube or Gloogle.
Regarding the sightings of fleets of ufo's coming out of the ocean, and causing huge waves etc.....I want more evidence.  I think it is quite likely to be true.  I feel Stephen Hawkings has it bass ackwards!  We don't need to FEAR them and GOD, LOL LMFAO!!!!---think we could or should "fight a war against them!"  That is making me laugh so hard right now it is is painful.  If any money is voted to appropriate for such an insane notion, all the names of the people who voted for it, pushed for it etc will be immediately turned over to said aliens.  He dicho. 
  I had not heard about the  sightings of fleets flying over Chile in December of 2010, but it is very exciting to  me to hear!!!
In classic bullshit disinformation  Fox-news-type scare words, the government (ours!) is talking of the "terrible danger" we are in........................................................................................................from the wake of these emerging spaceships!!  Oh, that'll really hurt us.  Also, we/they (the dillfucks in the govt) know clear as day, that if they wanted to they could destroy us immediately with very little effort.  Or, enslave the entire populace of the planet.  Or prohibit bingo at Catholic Churchs.....
So, Yes, these are REAL.  Hasn't most everyone seen a UFO by now?  Think back my dear reader to your childhood, your teens, later years.  Many were very afraid and freaked when they saw them, so the mind represses the trauma.  These memories can be recovered with hypnosis and psychedelics properly administered--and the person is helped to assimilate the events/truth.  I make no apologies for the word.

       The fact that the SCREWHEADS of England or USA or Interpol or who immediately arrested Assange on a classic honey trap set-up, is nearly DAMNING PROOF that much of the info is really true.  Come on, if YOU are reading MY blog, you know these things are real.  I imagine very few actually read this................unless....................Assange could LEAK it!  I have seen non-terrestrial spacecraft myself, the earliest one I recall in great detail was at approximately age 12.  My family saw some of it too (but never wanted to discuss it further--see my Upcoming Book, Apeshit for details--SOON!)  Since then, they are commonplace.  If certain strange world social and political events occur as some have forseen in visions (pre-cog psychics) in the very near future (my heart is beating fast! Yes!), then they (the ETs) will do friendly open contact in 2012 to the whole planet.  If those events don't occur, God help us.

Andre S, Lange M.D.
Certified As Expert In Psychiatry and Neurology


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