Tuesday, March 8, 2011

President Obama and Drug Legalization

I was recently sent a video that came, I believe, via L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) or another progressive organization.  Apparently, there was voting (via email or Internet or whathaveyou) re: the actual questions that the President be asked live.  A retired cop very directly and simply laid out the facts regarding what is the modern-day equivalent of slavery in the U.S.A., that is the Drug War.

Goddamn!  MF! WTFO?!?  You sound like Harry Anslinger and Richard Nixon's house nigger.  You sound so "tryin' to be whitey," even your facial expressions--very forced at the beginning of the question....my God, man!  Are you the same fellow that was very friendly to the Legalize marijuana movement (be in for any use or merely medical)?!?  You might be a "pod person."  You don't seem like the same logical, educated and honest Senator/Candidate who said, when asked about whether you had ever smoked pot, "When I was a kid I inhaled frequently...That was the point!"
Mr. President, to hem and haw and say basically nothing other than the idea needs to be looked at is a travesty at best.  Millions around the world suffer because of US drug prohibition.  A few million suffer here--in the "land of the free."  Obama, you are exactly 180 degrees OFF on what you said to the gentleman from LEAP.  Your opinions are antiquated and your handlers are screwing you over--fire your spin doctors!  Get some people who know about drugs as your advisers.  Gut the D.E.A.!  Reverse your stance on this.  Why should you?  Because you are absolutely 100 percent WRONG and this pigheaded approach is unbelievable!  

It is the worst thing you have said/done besides put forth the largest military budget since WWII.  Who we gonna rub out now?  Expecting hordes of easily-killed alien invaders?  What's with this bogus build-up?  We need to CUT military spending drastically.
But this article is about your inane statements on this video.
Mr. President, get a grip!

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